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Amber Oriental candle combines oriental flowers, vanilla, musk, and amber.

Our sense of smell is a powerful thing, helping us create moods and whisking us back to memories of our childhood.It’s also an important element in encouraging us to relax, so just sit back and enjoy our hand poured, premium quality mineral wax candle, enriched with pure fragrance oils and 100% organic cotton wicks.

Top notes: Oriental Flowers

Middle notes: Vanilla, Musk

Base notes: Amber


Hand poured in Greece

Natural wax blend

100% cotton wicks


Cruelty free

Natural 🌼


Not tested on animals


Burn Time: 90 hours
Fill: 270 gr
Dimensions: 9 x 9cm



Do not leave a candle unattended. Candles should be burned on a heat- resistant surface. We suggest you to cut the wick to 5mm before each burning.Keep candles away from children, pets, air currents for proper combustion.Do not burn the candle less than 2 hours and more than 5 hours.Stop use when it reaches 1 cm.

Exclusively made in Greece for Anita Brand cosmetics.

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